The Issues

Scrap Trudeau’s unfair tax hikes.

Step 1 – Reverse the small business tax increase

I firmly believe that excessive taxation is one of the biggest threats to Canada’s middle class. An increased tax on small business owners harms us all by making life more expensive for everyone. When the government takes money away from small business owners, businesses close, jobs are lost, and the cost to consumers increases.

Step 2 – Eliminate the carbon tax

The Liberal carbon tax places undue financial burden on Canadians at a time when our citizens are reaching record levels of personal debt. A large proportion of Canadians rely on natural gas to heat their homes in the winter. Does Justin Trudeau really expect Canadians to stop heating their homes in –40 degree weather? Penalizing consumers doesn’t clean up the environment. There are better ways to do that. The carbon tax is simply a Trudeau scheme to fund excessive spending and government waste and it needs to be put to a stop.

Step 3 – Stop Trudeau’s continued attempts at taxing benefits

Recently, Justin Trudeau tried to tax health, dental, and employee benefits. These benefits are often provided to employees instead of higher salaries. Now Trudeau wants to reduce the value of these benefits by taxing them. This means less money to pay for increasing utilities, food, housing, and retirement. Trudeau did not earn his vast wealth, he inherited it. He has never had to worry about paying for basic necessities, so he doesn’t understand the burden his multiple tax hikes place on hard working Canadians. I will fight to eliminate these shameful increases and ensure that life is more affordable for all Canadians.

Create better paying jobs through economic investment in natural resources.

The recent decision to cancel the Trans Canada pipeline was the direct result of over-regulation, and government pandering to special interest groups. The cancellation of this project is a major blow to Canadian economic prosperity, and makes it more difficult for Canadians to provide for their families. It also ensures that oil will continue to be transported by rail which is much more dangerous for the environment, and more expensive. Furthermore, why must we continue to buy more expensive oil from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela when we can support Canadian workers in our own country? We need to invest in Canada’s future in an environmentally friendly way. Modern pipelines are safer for the environment and than rail and would provide Canada with the revenue required to invest in cleaner technology without putting Canadians out of work.

Keep Canadians united with economic policy that is fair to all regions.

The Liberal government’s enthusiastic support with billions of tax payer dollars to save a struggling Quebec based corporation, while entangling Western Canadian business interests with unnecessary regulatory procedures is patently unfair. It favors one region, while alienating another. The government ought to be using its economic policies to bring Canadians together, instead of inciting disunity. I am committed to actively supporting policies that encourage economic development across our entire great nation, instead of pitting one region against another.

Promote Strong Families

I was very fortunate while growing up. Not because of a family trust fund, but because I had the benefit of two loving parents who stayed together and supported my brother and I for as long as we needed it. I want to ensure that the children of Ottawa West—Nepean enjoy the same childhood as I did. In this day and age, it is nearly impossible for all but the wealthiest among us to support families with children without both parents working full time, and often multiple jobs. We need to adopt fiscal policy that supports families and provides real choice to parents. I want to lower the taxes of single income households, and provide additional tax credits for all parents. We need to do our part to make life more affordable for all families. The government needs to stop taking so much money from families.


My parents, who are seniors themselves, taught me the values of our community: Personal responsibility, hard work, and respect for our elders. These values reflect a community steeped in history. A history written by the seniors of today. After years of working hard and playing by the rules, they want to retire at home, spend time with their grandchildren, and have access to quality healthcare. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau is making life harder for our seniors. He is sticking his hands into their pocket by gouging the CPP to fund his ideological endeavors. He wants to tax the healthcare benefits they earned with hard work. A large proportion of our population is entering their senior years. We must develop policies, and implement tax savings to help seniors stay at home for as long as possible, increasing their quality of life, and reducing the increased strain on the health system. The seniors of today – our parents and grandparents fought for us their entire lives. Now it is our turn to fight for them and ensure that they aren’t forgotten about or left behind.

Support our Veterans

The veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces have been underserved by the government for far too long. The total maximum disability award for a severely injured veteran is $360,000. That may sound like a lot of money to most of us, but for a veteran who has lost all their limbs, and is unable to work again because of the sacrifices made for our country, it is a small sum. As you all know, the cost of living is becoming more and more expensive each year. Seriously injured veterans need more money to ensure that they don’t live in poverty. Furthermore, wait times for benefits are unacceptably long. It can take over a year for a veteran to receive a disability award that they deserve. Instead of forcing our veterans to go through multiple layers of bureaucracy which takes far too long, and costs more than it saves, veterans need to be given the benefit of the doubt. Our veterans trusted the Canadian government not to send them into harms way unless it was absolutely necessary, and trusted the government to help them if they became injured. We need to ensure the government trusts veterans in return. When veterans approach the government, and say they are suffering and need help, the government needs to trust them and provide that help in a timely manner. Finally, when the government needs to find ways to reduce spending, it should find its savings elsewhere. Funding to Veterans Affairs Canada should NEVER be reduced under any circumstances.

Resolve our border crisis

Canada is a compassionate country that wants to help refugees fleeing death, persecution, and discrimination and we should be very proud of this; however, we need to ensure that our compassion is not taken advantage of. We need to ensure that new Canadians who have come to Canada in previous years are not disrespected by the Trudeau government by turning a blind eye to the circumvention of Canadian law. A fair, rules based system needs to be maintained. Furthermore, when refugees are accepted into Canada we need to ensure they are set up for success so they can freely choose to integrate themselves into Canadian society. Trudeau’s irresponsible mismanagement of the refugee file does not help refugees, and it does not help Canadians writ large. It only helps him score cheap political points. Lets work together by having an honest, mature discussion about how to ensure Canadians, and refugees alike are better served by government policy that makes sense.