About Mike

Pleased to meet you!

Hi, I’m Mike Lalonde, and I’m running to be your federal Conservative candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean.

I’m running because I believe it’s time to get back to the basics – representing the will of the people.  Elected Members of Parliament (MP’s), are supposed to represent the will of the common people.  That’s exactly why the business of MP’s is done in a chamber known as the The House of Commons.  That chamber today is run by a government of millionaires, pretending to understand the struggles of the common person.  Yet, they’re busy raising taxes, calling hardworking small business owners “Tax Cheats”, and using loopholes to hide their “Family Fortunes” as Justin Trudeau put it, to be out of reach of the taxation that they’re forcing the common person to pay.  I believe that in politics, the representatives in the house of commons should be making a difference by representing the interests of those who voted for them.  Not by taking from the common people while exploiting tax advantages not available to the common people.  

I am a real common person.  I believe in finding real solutions to problems and putting real people first. As a former Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces, financial planner, and Ottawa native, I’m hoping that you share my beliefs.  I’m hoping you share the desire for real, accountable  representation, and I’m hoping you see me as the right choice to represent you.